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Demo Slam

Damien Kee  - Crosswords in Google Sheets
Have your students collaboratively create a crossword to test their vocabulary on a subject. Students not only have to plan the layout, but have to create thoughtful clues so that the crossword it not too easy, and not too hard.

Catherine Taylor Google's Solution for Asperger's Syndrome
Google Docs and Google Presentations to share the document and work appart. Just type, share and collaborate.

Robie Jayawardhana - Embedding Form Results on Site page
I have created a form that gives people a chance to rate six activities using the scale least desirable (1) to most desirable (2). They were the activities we were going to do for my session. As people complete the form, I want to display on a public web-page a pie chart that captures their vote progressively eg.

Danielle Gleeson & Ula Coffey - Clinical e-Portfolio
Google Drive in Action

Joachim Cohen  - Customise Information to empower students
Using Custom Search to help students select authoritative and reliable information!!

Chris Betcher - A Wonderful Demo Slam
A very cool feature that you will love.

Jim Sill - Fixing Your Black Bar
What the heck is going on with that black bar on the top of the Google home page?!?!

Suan Yeo - Translate THIS!
Google Translate awesomeness!

Matt Wells - T.O.C. and the Electronic NoteBook
My students use a Google Doc as a replacement for a traditional exercise book. The use of Table of Contents allows quick access to all work as well as keeping a consistent look and feel to their "book"

Mark Garrison - Edit Docs With Your Voice
It's like magic!
Mark Wagner - Drive Apps: Pixlr, UJAM, WeVideo

Michael Kehoe - Backing up and downloading files on Google DOcs
If you need to have a set of files that are on Google Drive to your local hard-drive of flash stick, you can easily download them quickly into a zip file. Alternatively, if you need to upload files to Google Drive, you can simply drag and drop from Finder/ Explorer.

Steven McLean - Teacher Dashboard for Google Apps from Hapara