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Collaboration - the magic of Google Drive in the classroom

This is a hands-on Google Docs writing activity for participants that begins with some questions and a curious image, but ends as a collaborative story that tells the life of its unique subject - the humble (or possibly grand) beginnings, the extraordinary (or possibly ordinary) events that followed, and the tragic (or possibly triumphant) conclusion. It’s a fun and unpredictable way to explore the simultaneous collaborative writing made possible by Google Docs, and it provides the starting point for exploring other powerful collaborative opportunities presented by Google Drive in the classroom. In addition to collaboratively creating a story, participants will learn how innovative Victorian State Schools are using Google Apps for Education for student learning and for curriculum planning. Participants will hear of lessons learned in introducing Google Docs to fellow teachers, and will receive tips on how best to introduce the collaborative features of Google Drive to students in the Primary and Middle Years.

Presenter: John Thomas